World Championship 2013
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The 2013 World Championship Schedule

26 May Sunday:

17.00-22.00:Registration, weight in control

27 May Monday:

13.00-21.00: Registration, weight in control

28 May Tuesday:

10.00-14.00: Registration, weight in control

10.00-17.00: Medical examinations

14.00-17.00:Seminars for judges and referees

16.00: Athlete parade and opening ceremony

21.00: World Trainers Association Forum

22.00: Program reviewing by coaches 

29 May Wednesday:

10.00-18.00: First day of Fights

30 May Thursday:

10.00-18.00: Second day of Fights

31 May Friday:  

10.00-18.00: Third day of Fights

1June Saturday:

10.00-18.00: Fourth day of Fights



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