Black Belt Diplomas
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Name Country Black Belt
Bronte Zachery United-States USA 5th Dan
Travers Jerrold United-States USA 5th Dan
Sandro Filiberti Italy Italy 5th Dan
Kazimir Kuzma Russia Russia 5th Dan
Emmett Braden United-Kingdom England 4th Dan
Cadwgan Glyndwr Wales Wales 4th Dan
Rodney Wilf United-States USA 4th Dan
Purdie Faron United-States USA 4th Dan
Ermenegildo Francesco Italy Italy 4th Dan
Fenton Sammie Canada Canada 3rd Dan
Arthur Frank Canada Canada 3rd Dan
Godofredo Ildefonso Mexico Mexico 3rd Dam
Micheil Ninian Scotland Scotland 2nd Dan
Vaughn William Greer United-Kingdom England 2nd Dan
Milford Selby United-Kingdom England 2nd Dan
Rhianna Ottoline United-States USA 2nd Dan
Claude Rodolph France France 2nd Dan
Nicholas Sawyl Émile France France 2nd Dan
Sergio Ramón Mexico Mexico 2nd Dan
Gus Gyles Austria Australia 2nd Dan
Vitya Timur Russia Russia 2nd Dan
Julian Lenny United-States USA 1st Dan
Maximilian Grant Canada Canada 1st Dan
Sera Lucile United-Kingdom England 1st Dan
Terry King United-Kingdom England 1st Dan
Jamie Joby United-States USA 1st Dan
Quinton Aylmer United-States USA 1st Dan
Behar Skender Albania Albania 1st Dan
Tito Santini Italy Italy 1st Dan
Dierk Guntram Austria Austria 1st Dan
Enrique Aarón Brazil Brazil 1st Dan
Enu Tatenda Nigeria Nigeria 1st Dan
George Kiourtidis Greece Greece 1st Dan
Geitsidou Kalliopi Greece Greece 1st Dan
Karousos Alexandros Greece Greece 1st Dan
Xanthakis Fotios Greece Greece 5th Dan
Samartzidis Georgios Greece Greece 2nd Dan
Antoniadis Kiriakos Greece Greece 4th Dan
Pavlou Georgios Greece Greece 1st Dan
Ververidis Stavros Greece Greece 2nd Dan
Kalfas Ioannis Greece Greece 1st Dan
Diamalis Eleytherios Greece Greece 4th Dan
Mavrokefalidis George Greece Greece 1st Dan
Tsekouras Konstantinos Greece Greece 1st Dan
Kalaitzis Georgios Greece Greece 2nd Dan
Mpadanis Ioannis Greece Greece 3rd Dan
Tsarpas Paraschos alt Greece 3rd Dan
Kassas Walid alt Lebanon 10th Dan
Perrakis Evaggelos alt Greece 3rd Dan
Balabanidis Stefanos alt Greece 1st Dan
Semanjaku Renti alt Greece 1st Dan
Xanthakis Fotios alt Greece 10th Dan
Tsarpas Paraschos alt Greece 3rd Dan
Perrakis Evaggelos alt Greece 3rd Dan
Balampanidis Stefanos alt Greece 1st Dan
Semanjaku Renti alt Greece 1st Dan
Chougkaz Nikoalos alt Greece 1st Dan
Proveleggios Andreas alt Greece 7st Dan
Passa Georgios alt Greece 2st Dan
Sidiropoulos Georgios alt Greece 1st Dan
Georgoudakis Spyridon alt Greece 1st Dan





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